Jun 072016

We have four exciting new dates where the fabulous Darren Bailey, Ordnance Survey Schools Delivery Programme Manager, will deliver superb Digimap for Schools training sessions.  If the sessions are in your area, you really should attend, even if you’re not subscribed, come along and have a taster session or if you are subscribed and you feel you’re not making the most of what the service could offer, please come along too. Session dates are:

  • 14th June Fleetwood
  • 21st June (morning) Ely
  • 21st June (afternoon) Bolton
  • 22nd June Ormskirk

To find out more and register to attend, please email darren.bailey@os.uk

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Jun 022016

Steve Backshall has recently posted a blog entry on the Ordnance Survey website which could help you with your entries to the #Wildlifemap competition.  The link to his blog posting is below.

School #wildlifemap competition with Steve Backshall


Steve gives some ideas on the types of wildlife you could be photographing at this time of year.  He also gives guidance on the best times of day to see this wildlife and where to look for them, wither its an urban area or a rural one.

The #wildlifemap competition is still running so please get out there and get some entries into us!  Best of luck…



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Upcoming training dates with Ordnance Survey

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Apr 292016

Darren Bailey from the Ordnance Survey education team will be out and about in May delivering twilight training sessions on using Digimap for Schools.  Dates and locations of Darren’s training sessions are:

10th Ruislip
11th Portsmouth
12th Newcastle

16th Harpenden
18th Liverpool
19th Chorley

24th Sevenoaks
25th Swansea

If you’d like to find out more details and register to go along, please email Darren at Darren.Bailey@os.uk

Training events are free to attend.

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Digimap for Schools free for 30 days AND a chance to meet Steve Backshall!

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Apr 072016

Primary schools across Great Britain can sign up for 30 days free access to University of Edinburgh’s awarding winning Digimap for Schools service.  Access to the service enables primary schools to enter a fantastic competition to win a visit to their school from Steve Backshall.  The competition requires schools to #GetOutside and take photographs of wildlife around their school.  Using the annotation tools in Digimap for Schools, pupils will upload their favourite photos and add a question they’d like to ask Steve about the wildlife.  The winning school will enjoy a visit from Steve who will tell them all about the wildlife they’ve seen.

It’s that simple! The competition is open now and runs until 10th June. Sign up at https://digimapwildlife.ed.ac.uk today!


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Digimap for Schools tops 1,000 secondary school subscribers

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Feb 292016

Digimap for Schools reached a fantastic milestone last week with the 1000th secondary school subscriber.

The secondary school which became the one thousandth subscriber was Chilton Trinity School from Bridgwater in Somerset. Miss Sophie Carruthers, a Geography teacher at Chilton Trinity School added: “I subscribed as I am setting up the Duke of Edinburgh at Chilton Trinity and having used Digimap for Schools last year, at a previous school, I know how useful it is for mapping routes. In addition to this I teach Geography and we had limited resources for including GIS in our curriculum – Digimap for Schools will be a great addition to the classroom.”

The whole Digimap for Schools team are incredibly proud of this achievement, in addition to the over 1450 primary schools subscribed across Great Britain who are all accessing Ordnance Survey modern and historic maps every day.

Read more about this story on the EDINA website and the Ordnance Survey press release.



Updated mapping now available

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Feb 172016

A few of the mapping products in Digimap for Schools were updated this morning to the most recent versions available from Ordnance Survey.  The updated products and their release dates are:

  • Vectormap Local Raster (zoom level 10, street view – January 2016
  • 1:25 000 scale raster (zoom levels 8 and 9) – December 2015
  • 1:50 000 scale raster (zoom level 7) – December 2015
  • Miniscale (zoom levels 2, 3 and 4) – January 2016
Tweedbank 2015 map (1:25 000 raster)

Tweedbank 2015 map (1:25 000 raster)

tweedbank_2016 (1:25 000 rater)

Tweedbank 2016 map (1:25 000 raster)

Spot the differences!

Free training with Ordnance Survey – Feb dates

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Feb 052016

Darren Bailey from the Ordnance Survey Education Team will continue his travels running twilight training sessions on using Digimap for Schools.  Up coming dates in February are:

Rivington – 10/02/2016
Chorley – 11/02/2016
London – 22/02/2016
Andover – 23/02/2016

Contact Darren for more details on location and time – Darren.Bailey@os.uk

Special Recognition Award for Digimap for Schools

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Nov 302015

Having celebrated our fifth birthday a couple of weeks earlier, the Digimap for School’s team at EDINA were thrilled to receive a Special Recognition Award from the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers (SAGT).


Left to Right:  Emma Diffley, Anne Robertson, Peter Burnhill, Carol Blackwood, Johnny Hay, Dimitrios Sferopoulos

SAGT gave the award in recognition that Digimap for Schools is a successful resource that extends across year groups in primary and secondary.  They feel it is also a resource that provides a variety of tools for a number of topics within the Geography curriculum and the Curriculum for Excellence Broad General Education.  Amanda Ruffles, SAGT “We wanted to recognise it as a special reward given that it has been successful over the five years and will continue to be a resource that helps many students and teachers for years to come”. 

Birthday celebration

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Nov 132015

Yesterday EDINA and Ordnance Survey colleagues took time out of their regular Digimap for Schools planning meeting to celebrate five years of delivering Ordnance Survey digital mapping to the primary and secondary school sectors.  Peter Burnhill, EDINA Director, praised everyone’s work on the service, particularly the tireless travelling by Ordnance Survey’s Darren Bailey across the length and breadth of Great Britain to promote and run workshops on the service.  A toast was made to continuing to grow our user community over the next five years!

Digimap for Schools birthday celebration

L-R Pete O’Hare, Anne Robertson, Peter Burnhill, Carol Blackwood, Emma Diffley, Elaine Owen, Darren Bailey, Johnny Hay, Dimitrios Sferopoulos

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Digimap for Schools 5th birthday!

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Nov 102015

It is hard to believe, but Digimap for Schools is 5 years old today!

It is 5 years since the service was officially launched and we haven’t stopped growing in that time.

Back in 2010, Digimap for Schools looked a lot different! Despite it’s more limited functionality of only being able to view and print maps, it was quick to make it’s mark and was an instant success. This was recognised in early 2011 by the Geographical Association by being awarded Gold in the Publisher’s Awards at the GA conference.

How Digimap for Schools looked when it was launched

How Digimap for Schools looked when it was launched

The interface and functionality has constantly developed over the years in response to feedback from the users we meet at conferences, training sessions and email contact. User feedback is invaluable in guiding the development of the service.

We’ve added many notable enhancements since 2010 including: historical maps, annotation tools to add your own data, measurement tools, saving maps and a superb range of free resources written by curriculum experts.

The Digimap for Schools Community keeps on growing with over 2400 schools across Great Britain using the service. Millions of screen maps are generated every month, in June 2015 nearly 4,070,000 screen maps were generated making it the busiest month ever for Digimap for Schools. Just last month in October 2015, Macmillan Academy in Middlesbrough became a record breaking school generating over 116,000 screen maps, uploading 1199 images and saving 374 maps in one month – they were busy!

The Digimap for Schools team will enjoy celebrating this special anniversary, sorry we can’t send a piece of birthday cake to all of our wonderful subscribing schools!