Aug 292013

We’ve been busy over the summer working away on enhancements to Digimap for Schools and carrying out our annual mapping update.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve released updates to most of the mapping products.

Miniscale, 1:250,000 raster, 1:50,000 scale raster and the 1:25,000 scale raster have all been updated to the latest 2013 data from Ordnance Survey.  These products make up the maps on the zoom levels 2 – 9 (as you zoom in from the GB view) in Digimap for Schools.

As these are small and mid scale products, any updates can be quite subtle.  But if you know somewhere that has experience significant construction in the last year or two, updates may be on the map now.

1:25000 raster 2012 example


1:20000 raster 2013 exampleFor the more larger scale mapping, a new data product – VectorMap Local (VML) raster – has replaced the 1:10 000 Scale Raster product in line with Ordnance Survey’s recent announcement of withdrawal of this product.  Our data team have worked extremely hard over summer processing the MasterMap data for the most detailed zoom levels.  MasterMap is a complicated dataset that takes several weeks of processing to get it ready for going into Digimap for Schools.  We are thrilled it has also gone live before the end of August.  Both VML Raster and MasterMap are also the latest 2013 data from Ordnance Survey, enjoy!


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