Helping you deliver the national curriculum for geography – aerial photography

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Oct 142016

The top improvement requested for Digimap for Schools was the addition of Aerial photography so we were delighted to make this available earlier this term. Why do schools need this?

  • Key Stage 1 and 2 require pupils to interpret a range of sources of geographical information, including aerial photographs
  • Key Stage 1 specifically requires schools to ‘use aerial photographs and plan perspectives to recognise landmarks and basic human and physical features’

In Digimap for Schools you can use the transparency slider to view the aerial imagery and the present day map together, helping to introduce pupils to the concept of maps and how they differ from photographs.

We have some step by step teaching resources that feature aerial photography:

All sorts of exciting things can be found in the photographs. If you spot anything unusual that you think pupils will particularly enjoy please do tweet it to us at @Digimap4Schools and we will compile a list of the best for a future blog post?



Concorde 216 – the last one to be built will move indoors into a new museum at Filton in 2017

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Digimap for Schools Upcoming Webinars

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Sep 092016

Hi folks, we have come up with a schedule of webinars we intend to run before Christmas.  Users will be emailed in advance with details and joining instructions closer to the dates.

  • November 10th (Thursday) Getting Started with Digimap for Schools
  • December 11th (Tuesday) Getting Started with Digimap for Schools


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Free Digimap for Schools training with Darren Bailey from Ordnance Survey

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Sep 082016

We have four exciting new dates where the fabulous Darren Bailey, Ordnance Survey Schools Delivery Programme Manager, will deliver superb Digimap for Schools training sessions.  If the sessions are in your area, you really should attend, even if you’re not subscribed, come along and have a taster session or if you are subscribed and you feel you’re not making the most of what the service could offer, please come along too. Session dates are:

  • 12th September – Brighton University
  • 20th September –  West Byfleet
  • 21 September –  Nottingham
  • 26 Spetember – Kensington

To find out more and register to attend, please email darren.bailey@os.uk

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Aerial Imagery is now here!

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Sep 072016

During the summer we have been really busy implementing aerial imagery into Digimap for Schools.  This was at the top of the ‘wish list’ for our schools, and we are incredibly grateful to Getmapping for helping to facilitate this.

The aerial imagery is amazing and gives real context to the OS and Historical mapping already available in the service.  Users are also now able to overlay this imagery with the mapping already available in the service.    Below is an example of overlaying OS mapping with the Aerial Imagery.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.49.05

Along with the aerial imagery we have also added a new tool called the ‘Information Tool’, this was previously known as the ‘Grid Reference Tool’.  The Information tool now gives you the exact date the imagery was captured, this is really useful in helping people understand that this imagery is a patchwork of photographs taken at different times.  We have also provided a map key which simply gives the year the imagery was captured.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.55.23 Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.58.53

We are absolutely delighted with the results, and are very proud of the quality of the imagery and the usability of use of these tools.  Please login and have a play about.

If you want a quick overview, have a look at our youtube video on the new features.

YouTube Preview Image
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Steve Backshall gives some advice on locating wildlife for the #wildlifemap competition

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Jun 022016

Steve Backshall has recently posted a blog entry on the Ordnance Survey website which could help you with your entries to the #Wildlifemap competition.  The link to his blog posting is below.

School #wildlifemap competition with Steve Backshall


Steve gives some ideas on the types of wildlife you could be photographing at this time of year.  He also gives guidance on the best times of day to see this wildlife and where to look for them, wither its an urban area or a rural one.

The #wildlifemap competition is still running so please get out there and get some entries into us!  Best of luck…



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LAST FEW PLACES: Science for Society: New Developments in Physical Geography – 24-29th July 2014

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Jul 032014

FREE summer course for mid-career specialist secondary geography teachers

Based at the University of Southampton, this course provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the latest technology for data collection and analysis, coupled with an insight into how geographical information is relied upon by industry business and government for visualisation, problem solving and decision making. Places will be filled as valid applications are received, so we recommend that you apply soon.

• 20 places available
• Based at the University of Southampton
• Field day in the New Forest
• Full day visit to Met Office, Exeter
• Full day visit to Ordnance Survey, Southampton
• Gala dinner with all Science for Society teachers at Goldsmith’s Hall, London
• All tuition, accommodation, food and travel during the course provided. (Delegates fund their own travel costs from home to Southampton).

To apply, visit the Goldsmith’s website:


And download the Science for Society application form.

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Official Launch of historical maps in Digimap for Schools

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Apr 152014

Today sees the official launch of historical maps  in Digimap for Schools.  The formal launch of this fantastic new addition to Digimap for Schools, made possible by the generosity of the National Library of Scotland, will be celebrated at the annual Geography Association conference taking place on the 14th and 15th April at the University of Surrey.  It was at this same event, at the same venue in 2011 that Digimap for Schools received the Geographical Association Publisher’s Gold Award for making a significant contribution to geographical education and professional development.

The service has grown in popularity since 2011 with over 20% of secondary schools in England and over 30% in Scotland now using the service. Dr Vanessa Lawrence CB, Director General and Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey will mark the launch during her conference lecture this afternoon.  Chris Fleet, Senior Map Curator at NLS says ‘Old maps present our history in one of its most enthralling forms.  We are delighted to be collaborating with Ordnance Survey and EDINA in delivering our historic maps to schools through the Digimap for Schools application.’  Peter Burnhill, Director of EDINA says ‘Students, pupils and their teachers now have unrivalled access to the very best maps to gain rich understanding of how Britain’s landscape has changed in over a century.  The result is endlessly fascinating, the skill and generosity of staff at the National Library of Scotland have enabled a real sense of place when combined with the Ordnance Survey maps of today’s Britain’.

Full press release can be read here http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/about/news/2014/digimap-for-schools-launches-historic-maps-of-great-britain.html

Using Digimap for Schools to map historic events

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Mar 312014

Digimap for Schools recently attended the Education Scotland Primary History 2014 Commemorations.  We presented primary school teachers with some ideas on resources they could use to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WWI and the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn.

We demonstrated how Digimap for Schools can be used to recount the story of an historic event. The historic event described was the sinking of HMS Iolaire near Stornoway on the 1st January 1919 with the loss of 205 local men returning from WWI, one of the worst maritime disasters in UK waters during the 20th century.

The example below uses Digimap for Schools to map a timeline of the tragic events on the night of the sinking of HMS Iolaire.


The functionality within Digimap for Schools also enables users to add contextual imaging and information to help tell the story.  Below is a map highlighting some key statistics and facts relating to the tragic sinking.


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Top Tips Video

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May 162013

We have created a very quick video which highlights some of the ‘nifty’ features we have in Digimap for Schools which you may have overlooked…

Below is a Getting Started Guide which is a comprehensive introduction to the tools available to our users.

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Digimap for Schools newsletter

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Mar 012013

Hi folks,

Below is a copy of our recent newsletter for our subscribers.  It contains information on all the enhancements to our service which have now been implemented.  These enhancements came directly as a result of your feedback and suggestions!   If you have any additional suggestions please feel free to email them to us here edina@ed.ac.uk.

If anyone would like a batch of 10-20 printed out for their school, drop us an email and we can print them and send them on.  Also if you have any comments about the newsletter please get in touch also. Emails should be sent to: edina@ed.ac.uk.

Click here to view a PDF of the newsletter: Newsletter Issue 1

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