Outdoor Classroom Day – 7th Nov 2019

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Oct 172019

Just a quick reminder that outdoor classroom day is on 7th of November!

Digimap for Schools has lots of free resources to help with outdoor learning as well.  That can be accessed from our free learning resources centre here: https://dfsresources.edina.ac.uk/resources/subject/outdoor-learning-97.


To find out more information click the image or link below:


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New Map Skills game by the Ordnance Survey

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Oct 072019

Just came across this randomly…  This would be a fantastic way of kids learning map skills!

I notice theres a few maps included in the board game, but I’m pretty sure you could print out some Digimap for Schools A4 maps and ‘freshen up’ the game with some more local activities if needed 😉

After all it is only 79 days to Christmas… perhaps a good educational gift idea 🙂


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Real world Geography applications- Mapping for Emergencies

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Sep 302019

This is a great article which puts some context into why Geographical Information Systems and maps in general have such important real world applications.

I didn’t realise the Ordnance Survey had a Mapping for Emergencies (MfE) service to help out when these emergencies like the Toddbrook reservoir nearly failed!





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Ordnance Survey #GetOutsideDay (30th September)

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Sep 262019

This Sunday (30th September) is Ordnance Survey ‘s #GetOutsideDay. This is the perfect opportunity to encourage your staff and students to get outside and enjoy the British countryside and fresh air.

Tehre are lots of walks and guides available on the OS website here: https://getoutside.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/

We just want to remind all our users (and any schools potentially thinking of subscribing) that we have ALL the Ordnance Survey maps for the UK… no matter the scale or the area, we have the map 😉 . ohh and you can print them in a nice A4 size as well…

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NEA course and assessment

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Sep 252019

HI folks, I just wanted to share a link to some of the Geographical Association courses they are running over the next few months especially those that are related to the NEA.


We’ve been hearing whispers of discontent from teachers over the perceived difficultly in obtaining the higher marks in the NEA.  Many teachers are still unclear as to how the NEA is assessed by the exam boards with many teachers claiming that after external assessment their marks are being reduced and in some cases significantly.

We’d like to give ourselves a little pat on the back here as Digimap for Schools is fantastic for the data analysis and data presentation elements of the NEA.  Pupils can customise their maps with photo’s, graphs, text and secondary data to ensure they fulfil these elements of the NEA.  Even better is that its really user friendly and quick for students to do so!


Here’s a few examples of presenting data for NEA.


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Digimap for Schools and the New OFSTED Framework for Primary Schools

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Sep 052019

Its been a busy week already! Schools have started back and we are already seeing a big rise in the number of Primary Schools subscribing to Digimap for Schools!

We suspect this has a LOT to do with the new OFSTED framework that began on 1st September. (Apologies now as we aren’t teachers or OFSTED inspectors so our knowledge and understanding is limited!) .

We seem to be gathering from our users that this new framework focuses on a broader Primary curriculum delivery and has less focus on numeracy and literacy. I know this is bad news for many schools as these changes will have ripple effects around schools e.g. teachers now expected to deliver or develop a History or Geography curriculum from scratch.

We’ve received some feedback on the ways Digimap for Schools is helping schools with this transition but would love some concrete examples or lovely quotes to help us spread the word of Digimap!

Please do keep spreading the word to your fellow Primary teaching colleagues!


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May 302019

This week the Ordnance Survey are facilitating National Map Reading Week.  There are a series of events and activities all based specifically around maps.

I came across this article which I think is particularly apt as it states “Millions of millennials have NEVER read a paper map”.

Have a read here: click here

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Primary Geography Specialist CPD in Leeds 13th June

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May 162019

This course will focus on the teaching and assessment of geography throughout the primary phase linked to the requirements of the new Ofsted Framework and the National Curriculum. We will investigate what key knowledge and skills children require to be successful geographers.

During the session we will consider:

  • Auditing, monitoring and evaluating geography provision in your school
  • Progression and assessment of geographical skills, knowledge and concepts
  • Developing the use of ICT and technology including digital mapping
  • Creative ideas for activities including fieldwork
  • Sharing of good practice and resource ideas

This course is suitable for those new to geography subject leadership or those who require a refresher linked to recent Ofsted developments.

This course will be run by:

Rowena Pryor, Teaching and Learning Consultant, Lancashire County Council

Supported by Peter O’Hare from Digimap for Schools and Darren Bailey from The Ordnance Survey Education team. 

For further details contact peter.ohare@ed.ac.uk


Book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/primary-geography-subject-leaders-yorkshire-network-meeting-tickets-61146658301

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#OutdoorClassroomDay 23rd May

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May 022019

#Outdoorclassroom day is on the 23rd of May this year. It comes at a particularly apt time as we see the huge positive wave of young people getting involved in activism to highlight the environmental crisis our world is in.

Digimap for Schools is a fantastic resource for planning and delivering these outdoor classrooms. Our maps can be used to create risk assessments and plan activity locations for the day. It can also be used to show the changes that have happened in you schools location over the past 130 years using our historical maps. The aerial imagery can be used with Ordnance Survey maps to give pupils a sense of place and explore their local area and environment.

We also provide lots of free resources to assist and guide your day. These outdoor education resources are available here: https://bit.ly/2DI0zcA

This resource (above) for example is great for getting pupils to do some biological monitoring and understanding the importance of the species in our environment.  This resource was developed for the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence but is also perfect for any KS2 activities in England and Wales.

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Outdoor Learning with Digimap for Schools

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Apr 022019
This week is #WalesOurdoorLearningWeek and we just wanted to showcase some of the learning resources and maps that you can easily create using Digimap.
Obviously maps are a key tool when doing outdoor learning, they help teachers and pupils prepare and plan any outdoor activities. (Also very useful in doing any risk assessments for outdoor activities)
The quality and scale are also brilliant as you can even map you playground and the schools locale to a small scale. The measurement tools and the ability to add text boxes and images also allow the documenting of your activities.
We also provide lots of free learning resources for outdoor activities which are all available here: https://dfsresources.edina.ac.uk/resources/subject/primary-87/subject/outdoor-learning-97
Below is just a very simple map of a school walk to see the ducks as an example of some of the features described above.