Upload CSV points and other new tools released

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Jul 132015

Last week, we added some great new marker Annotation Tools to Digimap for Schools. Take a look at the marker drop down menu and you’ll find a new row of markers.

New marker annotation tools

New marker annotation tools

Stickman marker – have some fun placing lots of little stickmen on your map!  Stickman behaves like any of the other markers so you can edit the colour fill to add different coloured markers to represent various data.

Grid reference marker – just like the grid reference tool, this tool allows you to click on the map and a marker with a label of the grid reference.  Grid reference markers on your map will then be saved or printed with your map.

Add points from file – this is exciting new tool allows you to upload a CSV file of point data that you may have collected on fieldwork, to create point annotations.  This is really useful if you have collected data in a spreadsheet or using a mobile app.  You can create a CSV file and providing you have location information (Postcode, Easting/Northings or Latitude/Longitude coordinates) you can add the points to your map.  Have a go or see the help page for further information.

Resizing of uploaded photos has also been improved.  Now if you use the Scale Feature tool to resize your photo, the photo is of much better quality as previously it became a bit pixelated.  This is a really useful feature if you add graphs to your map as they will now be much clearer.


June training dates with Ordnance Survey

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May 212015

Darren from the Ordnance Survey education team is continuing his CPD training courses with a packed schedule throughout June. Dates and locations coming up are:

June 1 Seaham
June 2 Berwick upon Tweed
June 3 Gosforth
June 8-9-10 – Surrey primary schools network
June 17 Enfield
June 22 Newham
June 24 Enfield
June 25 Worthing
June 29 Havering

If you’d like to attend or have any questions about the courses, please contact Darren Darren.Bailey@os.uk

More free training from Ordnance Survey

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May 012015

Darren Bailey from Ordnance Survey’s Education Team continues his travels around England and Wales running free CPD sessions throughout May. Upcoming dates and locations are:

05/05/2015 Southall
06/05/2015 Enfield
13/05/2015 Southport
15/05/2015 Notting Hill Gate
20/05/2015 RGS London

If you would like to attend or find out more information, please email Darren: Darren.Bailey@os.uk

Using Digimap for Schools in GCSE Controlled Assessment

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Apr 302015

When I spotted a great tweet from Rob Chambers (@RobGeog) the other week on how they use Digimap for Schools in GCSE Controlled Assessment at St Ivo School, I seized the chance to get some examples of what they’re up to.  Rob was kind enough, despite the chaos of a new term, to provide a list of how they use the service.  It’s brilliant to see how many way Digimap for Schools can be used.  Rob’s ideas are listed below, hopefully you will find inspiration for how you can be making the most of  Digimap for Schools for Controlled Assessment.

Huge thanks for Rob for the details!

We use Digimap in a number of ways specifically for GCSE Controlled Assessment

Our GCSE Controlled Assessment is usually based on urban studies in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

Examples of use include:

* Creating base maps for use in data collection sheets which students are then able to map evidence on during fieldwork.

* Students will then use Digimap to access maps which they can then insert in Word or similar and use to present data – there are various examples below – these particular ones are examples I have created for PowerPoints but they are in effect what the students have gone on to do.

* creating flow lines on top of the maps (to show traffic flows)

* using as a base map to locate other data presentation techniques in terms of where the data refers to (to help with analysing spatial differences)

* students also use the distance tool to calculate relevant distances.

* students also use Digimap as a simple GIS – e.g. work on land-use in the CBD last year – during data collection they had a blank map from Digimap to mark on land-use – then back in the computer room they used tools on Digimap to draw polygons around the individual buildings and shade according to different land-use types (example given below is a student one which was saved in digimap).

* this year we have been looking at traffic management – students had a base map in the town for identifying where things were such as double yellow lines, cycle racks etc. and took pictures – back in the classroom they have then again used tools in Digimaps to add a layer using symbols to show the location of these.

Traffic Flow lines example

Traffic Flow lines

Traffic flows map

Cycle Ways use

Cycle management survey map

Land Use Map

Land use features

April twilight sessions with Ordnance Survey

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Apr 102015

Darren Bailey from Ordnance Survey has a number of twilight sessions coming up this month for primary school teachers.  So if you’re looking to find out more about Digimap for Schools or some hints and tips on how to make the most of your subscription, then get along to one of Darren’s sessions.

21/04/2015 Newham
22/04/2015 Newham
27/04/2015 Wandsworth
28/04/2015 Southampton
29/04/2015 Accrington

If you’re interested in attending or finding out more, please contact Darren – Darren.Bailey@os.uk. Sessions are free to attend.

New resource – investigating coastal changes with historic maps

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Oct 162014

To help Digimap for Schools users make the most of the service, we have a number of free resources available that have been written by curriculum experts. A brand new resource is now available which is aimed at using the modern and historic mapping to investigate coastal change.

‘Investigating changes to coastal spits’ written by Janet Hutson uses the annotation tools to mark the extent of coastal spits on the 1890s historic mapping. Then pupils use the modern map to annotate the current extend of the spit. These extents can then be compared on the 1890s and current mapping to provide evidence for conclusions drawn about any changes.

You can find Janet’s fantastic resource under the Key Stage 3 resources, on the Free Resources page.

Investigating coastal spit change using 1890s, modern maps and the annotation tools

Investigating coastal spit change using 1890s, modern maps and the annotation tools

Free September training sessions

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Sep 022014

Darren Bailey from Ordnance Survey has begun a new tour of English schools to run teacher training events providing hands on training in Digimap for Schools.

The first event in Hatfield yesterday (1st Sept) had a great turn out of keen teachers, eager to get to grips with the service.

Teacher training in Hatfield

Teacher training in Hatfield

Upcoming events will be held in:

  • 15-9 Lancaster
  • 16-9 Aldershot
  • 18-9 Manchester
  • 22-9 North Cheam
  • 23-9 West Drayton
  • 29-9 Appley Bridge
  • 30-9 Dewsbury

If you would like to find out more information about one of these events, please contact Darren – Darren.Bailey@ordnancesurvey.co.uk



New term, new mapping data

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Aug 282014

Over summer, the Digimap for Schools team have been beavering away processing updated Ordnance Survey mapping for the annual data update.   Every year, we take updates from Ordnance Survey and put them into Digimap for Schools, so recent changes in your area may now be on the maps.

The mapping is all 2014 data, the specific month for each product is:

MasterMap May 2014
VectorMap Local Raster July 2014
1:25 000 Raster April 2014
1:50 000 Raster June 2014
1:250 000 Raster June 2014
MiniScale January 2014

We need you! Classroom displays and resources

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Jun 052014

This is a call/plea to all teachers that have created any classroom displays that feature maps printed from Digimap for Schools.  We are looking for photos of your displays to feature in a new progression in geography resource that is being written.  If you have any displays featuring maps from Digimap for Schools that you’d be happy to share, please email them to us at edina@ed.ac.uk.  We need photos of your displays by the end of June, so get snapping!

Our second call is for resources, for any stage/age using Digimap for Schools that you have written.  We have a number of resources already available written by Paula Owens and Alan Parkinson, which are extremely popular.  We want to expand the range of resources available and would like to share your tried and tested resources.  We’ll add your resources to the Digimap for School website for other teachers to download and reuse.  Please send us your resources to edina@ed.ac.uk and we’ll pop them up on the website.



Webinar video now available

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May 052014

On the 2nd April, we held a short webinar for new users to Digimap for Schools, and anyone wishing to brush up on tools available in the service.  We also looked at the newly released historic mapping.

To view a recording of the webinar, please click on the link below.  This will play the video within your browser.


If you have any suggestions for future webinar topics, please get in touch and let us know.