Digimap for Schools webinars are free, short online training sessions that you can attend from the comfort of your desk.  We demonstrate the service, give tips and suggestions and you can ask questions. You just need a computer (or tablet) connected to the internet with speakers. Our webinars are open to anyone interested in Digimap for Schools.

You must register to book your place. Please click the link for the webinar you want to attend and complete your details.

If you have any requests or suggestions for topics, please contact the Digimap for Schools Helpdesk – digimap.schools@ed.ac.uk

Upcoming Webinars:

A new set of webinars for the week commencing Monday 13th July 2020.

Tuesday 14th July 2020

*Getting Started* with Digimap for Schools on Tuesday 14th July,  3.45 pm:

Register for 14th July webinar

Wednesday 15th July 2020

*Getting Started* with Digimap for Schools on Wednesday 15th July,  3.45 pm:

Register for 15th July webinar

Thursday 16th July 2020

Drop In Session.  Thursday 16th June 3.45 – 4.15pm.

This is an opportunity for our users to drop into the webinar, to ask any questions they may have, or simply share some ideas that we can use and share with other.  You can register and join after the session has started.  NOTE: we will only be answering questions relating specifically to Digimap for Schools.

Register for drop-in session 16th July


If you need to get started now we have our webinars available here on our youtube channel:


If you have any requests for any topics to be covered please do get in touch!  digimap.schools@ed.ac.uk

You can access many of the previous webinars on our YouTube Channel click here



Simple Lesson Activities using Digimap for Schools

We will be presenting a number of ideas you can use to help with home schooling

– The Capital cities game (great for all ages KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4)
– Land Use maps (through Digimap or simply using colouring pencils or markers
– Planning your daily walk
– An activity sheet to get all pupils up to speed with the functionality of Digimap for Schools
– Other small activity ideas


Getting started with Digimap for Schools

Have you recently subscribed your school to Digimap for Schools? Are you wondering how to get started with viewing maps and using the various tools available? This webinar will provide an introduction to the service and show how to the get the best out of your subscription.

In this webinar you will learn:

• About the different maps available in Digimap for Schools
• How to search for locations
• How to navigate and change scale to view different maps
• How to view a map key
• How to measure distances and areas
• About the annotation tools
• How to save maps and create printable maps


Digimap for Schools for Fieldwork and simple GIS

Digimap for Schools is an excellent resource for fieldwork at all levels. You can prepare for trips and use the annotation tools to present data finding once you and your pupils are back in class. In this webinar you will learn about maps and tools available in Digimap for Schools that can be used to help support your pupil’s fieldwork.

We will look at:

• Using buffer tools
• Introducing GIS
• Point files
• How to create a map key
• How Digimap for School can fulfil NEA at GCSE


Primary Ideas

Learn about different ways to use Digimap for Schools to teach primary numeracy, literacy, Geography, History and map skills

-local area
-map directions
-map symbols
-map scale and measuring distances
-games with mapping
– Using historic maps


Using the Buffer tool and adding Annotations:

This webinar will concentrate on using the annotations and buffering tools.

— Using the line buffer (showing how the buffer tool can be used to anticipate flooding and areas effected)
— Using the point buffer (showing how the buffer tool can be used to present noise pollution or health concerns close to a school)
— Using the annotations and photos to supplement the maps

Fieldwork and Simple GIS

This webinar will cover a number of topics relating to data presentation for Fieldwork. 

— Using Point files to present data
— Adding Graphs to your maps
— Adding Images and annotations to your maps
— Adding Map Keys to your maps


Customising Maps with DFS

Digimap for Schools allows users to customise their maps, adding photographs, annotations measurements, buffers and text to their maps.  This webinar will showcase the potential of this functionality along with the ability to add ‘point’ files to your map.

Land Use Mapping and Simple GIS

In this webinar you will learn about using the maps and annotation tools in Digimap for Schools to map urban and rural land use. This webinar is aimed at secondary level field and course work e.g National 4/5, Higher/Advance higher, GCSE and A Level.  You will learn how to add shaded areas to the map to represent different types of land use and how to create a key for your map.

We will introduce some simple GIS concepts which will be simple and easy to implement in secondary schools.

 Using Historical Mapping

Digimap for Schools offers fantastic historic mapping from the 1890s and 1950s. These wonderful maps are very valuable for looking at change over time of areas across Great Britain. The 1890s mapping shows the country at the height of the extensive rail network, supporting industry and urban growth.   1950s mapping is excellent for showing the growth of the road network, urban areas and the landscape before new towns were established.

 Customising Maps with DFS

Digimap for Schools allows users to customise their maps, adding photographs, annotations measurements, buffers and text to their maps.  This webinar will showcase the potential of this functionality along with the ability to add ‘point’ files to your map.

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  1. Do you need to book onto these webinars? Or can you simply log in?
    Thanks Fiona

    • Yes, you need to register for the webinars using the ‘Book a place’ link. Links will be made available two weeks before the webinar.

  2. Will recordings of the webinars be available after they have taken place? Thanks. Rowena

    • Hi Rowena

      Not at the moment. As the webinars are quite short and are repeated on different dates, I wasn’t planning on recording them and making them available. But if you think that’s something that would be useful, I can look at recording them. In the past, we’ve made webinar recordings (from one off webinars) available on YouTube, do you think an archive of webinar recordings there would be useful?


      Edit (29/9/15) – Webinar recordings will now be made available on the Digimap for Schools YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/digimapforschools